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2019 ISI World Recreational Team Championships are COMING SOON!

July 22-27

City of St. Peters RecPlex

St. Peters, MO

Test/Entry Deadline: May 1

Important ISI World Recreational Team Competition Information


Within the above link can be found:

  • EntryEeze Entry
  • Paper Entry Forms
  • Tentative Schedule
  • Skaters Marketplace
  • Hotels
  • Past Results
  • Additional ISI National Competition information


ISI District 9 site link including District 9 Competitions

Fun Competition Fact:

Fun competition fact: Did you know that all ISI Competitions are considered "Team Competitions"? When any individual skater or team (synchronized, team compulsories, ensemble, etc.) enters a competition they earn points for their team, and their team is their rink. All skaters earn one participation point for each individual event, and each team event earns five. Skaters and teams are also awarded points based on their placement. Individual skaters are awarded five points for first place, while teams are awarded 25. Second place skaters and teams are awarded four and 20 points respectively, and so on. At the end of each competition, the points are totalled, and the rink with the most points wins the overall trophy.

Congratulations to SPFSA Individual Skaters!